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Professional saddle fitting in and around Warwickshire.


Saddle Fitting Appointment Length

For your saddle fitting appointment, you will first need to allow time, as a general rule a saddle fitting for a new saddle will take 1 – 2 hours per horse and a saddle check or review will take 45 minutes – 1 hour.

A saddle check follows the same format but we only assess your existing saddle unless you specify for us to bring others to try.

Your saddle fitter (who is fully qualified through The Society of Master Saddlers) will take a brief history of you and your horse as well as make an assessment of your horse’s conformation and suitability for fitting.

Selecting The Right Saddle

When we are happy to proceed with the fitting we will try on a selection of saddles and identify those suitable to girth up and ride in, if there are 5 saddles that suit no problem you can try them all.

Once we have assessed the saddle ridden preferably in a walk, trot, canter and over a jump if necessary we will discuss the advantages and benefits of each saddle, advise you if any further alteration would be required to improve the fit further and we will give our professional opinion on what we believe suits you and your horse the best so you can make the most informed choice.

If you decide to go ahead and buy or order a new saddle your fitter will make any relevant recommendations and discuss your aftercare plan, advising when your saddle should next be checked/reviewed.

How often should I get my saddle checked?

As a rough guide, we recommend your saddle is checked annually but for those horses who are young or on a fitness plan then a review is sometimes required within 3 – 6 months and remember every saddle we sell has a 7 day ‘Are you Happy?’ or your money back Guarantee.

Saddle Accessories

We also stock a selection of saddle accessories. If you would like us to bring over any numnahs, leathers, irons or girths to match, no problem just let us know alternatively if you prefer to use certain pads under your saddle please have these available so we can take these into consideration at your saddle fitting appointment.

We are happy to work with other equestrian professionals so it’s no problem if you would like to have your instructor/trainer or physiotherapist present, it all helps you make the best choice.


Bridles and Bits

A bridle fitting and bitting service is available. When you get in contact, please let us know your requirements. We will then bring a selection over for you to try.