The Brief:

Create a website that will appeal to visitors and make them want to physically visit the Polo Club.


The message to convey is that the Polo Club is open to everyone, not just members, and various events take place at the country estate all year round, as well as members of the public and other groups/clubs can hire the facilities.


The design needed to be on-brand, with plenty of imagery and videos. The site needed to be fast, and fully responsive on all viewing devices.


The Polo Club has various sized facilities for weddings, the new website needed to showcase these to potential new brides and bridegrooms.


There must be a good balance between the Polo focus and the business focus on the website to show to anyone landing on the site exactly what the polo club can offer.


Vital to the project was the ability for the Dallas Burston Polo Club staff to be able to create pages, load events, images, videos, blogs to keep the website fresh and informative.

The Brief:

The Result:

To help create familiarity with the Polo Club a drone video was created and used as the main home screen, this was to show all the facilities available, and the extent of the 600-acre country estate.

After discussions with the project team, it was clear there were 5 main areas of the Polo Clubs business objectives, those being Polo, Events, Venue Hire, Weddings and Corporate Clients. Therefore these areas needed to be easily navigated, from landing on the home page.

An events calendar was created to help the Polo Club to advertise and share the upcoming events, not just to encourage people to get involved but also to show the variety of events on offer and that anyone can hire the facilities to hold their events.

A dedicated wedding area was created on the website to help promote and increase bookings for the wedding packages on offer at the Polo Club. A gallery was created along with an embedded promotional video. Clear concise descriptions of the facilities, so that everything anyone interested in weddings can find everything in one page. A clear and easy enquiry/booking form fully GDPR compliant was created to help increase booking leads.

Venue hire is an important part of the Polo Clubs business model, and it was important to display all the various venues in a clear way which can easily be found with full detailed information as well as with a clear CTA for the visitor.

A polo area was created showing the facilities and the availability of learning to play polo. The club needed to clearly show that there are members areas, but you do not need to be a member to enjoy the country estate and all its facilities. The designers worked closely with the Dallas Burston team to ensure a good balance between Polo and business objectives.

The Result:


The CMS was created with the client at the forefront of the design. The staff of the polo club needed to be able to make all the changes they required without the need of a third party. The main administrator can create users at various levels to allow updates to be carried out on the website in a controlled way.

This particular client has a hosting and maintenance package with us, therefore not only are we updating the website regularly (essential for software updates for security etc..) but we are also taking regular backups so should an issue arise, we can very quickly revert the website to a functioning site with minimal disruption the website and the business.

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